Why choose us?

Vision Exp is a family company with more than 40 years of experience in the elaboration and exportation of raw and thermoprocessed giblets to different parts of the world. We invaded the universe of dehydrated products 8 years ago and since then, we have not stopped producing high quality natural products.

Our main objective is to give our pets prizes and natural entertainments, not only in the most creative and striking way but also, considering that they can be used as nutritional supplements to support good health in different stages of the life of our friends.

We have developed a new line with unique technology that allows us to elaborate our products with careful processes that help maintain their vitamins, proteins and fibers. Knowing the great results of our products abroad we have focused on the development of our brand in the local market, believing it possible to distribute them to make known that something rich and natural can entertain pets.

Day by day we take the hard work of publicizing our products, as well as their ingredients and processes, ensuring the welfare of pets. We also try to educate the owners of the pets, exposing at different points of sale informative leaflets with the benefits of giving the pets a 100% NATURAL product.

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